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Latest News • 2023-02-20

Cyclone Gabrielle Update - 20th Feb 2023

To everyone who has been impacted by this cyclone, we hope that you are doing as well as possible given the circumstances.
Amongst the devastation and destruction, there are many remarkable stories of bravery, courage and resilience. It was incredibly heart-warming to see the tremendous community spirit and support over the last few days. Huge numbers of people are turning up throughout our region to assist each other, and in times like these, every little bit helps.
On the financial front, many banks are now offering financial relief grants, and we recommend that you apply for these as early as possible given that the funds are limited. Banks are also offering other financial support, such as deferred payments, suspension of principal loan payments etc.
Please remember that our office is available if you need access to computers, electricity and WIFI to make an application, pay wages or do any other work. We have hot showers etc and we are more than happy to host you here.
We recommend that you take photos of what you can for insurance purposes and we can help you with any financial information required to support insurance applications.
There will be many people who need some wellbeing support in coming times. Xero has extended their free Xero Assistance Programme to all people in the North Island until 23 March 2023. Please email them in confidence on to access these services.
We will keep you updated with any further Government support announcements. In the meantime, please contact us if you need assistance. Our team is here to help you in these challenging times.
Take care
From the team at PKF Carr & Stanton
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