How Safe Is Your Cyber Security?

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Latest News • 2022-03-25

How Safe Is Your Cyber Security?

With breaches ever on the rise (1030% Q3 to Q4 2021 increase in Malware according to CERTNZ) cybersecurity is one of the highest priorities for virtually every business. It is a frequent topic of conversation at board discussions and has a ripple effect throughout the business as organisations look for ways to keep themselves safe. The hard truth is that most businesses only have a vague understanding of their attack surface and overall cybersecurity posture.

The stronger and more resilient your security posture, the lower your cyber risk and greater your cyber-resilience. Therefore, understanding the full scope of your security posture and correctly prioritising areas of relevant risk is essential to protecting your business against breaches.

There are several specific challenges in discovering and analysing the attack surface:

Risk = likelihood x impact

Most business are just one bad click, one reused password, a single unpatched system or lack of multi authentication process away from a cybersecurity event. Are you?

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