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When it comes to your business direction and financial security, you need advisers who not only have the professional ability you demand, but who understand what you want out of your business and your life. If you are working closely with a team of people, it helps to enjoy spending time with them!

At PKF Carr & Stanton we are a team of 25 individuals with aligned core values and professional standards along with a very wide variety of personal interests and backgrounds. We have international and local outlooks and a great mix of youth, maturity and experience. We are skiers, fishermen, walkers, hunters, golfers, paddle boarders, parents… all of us active participants in our community.

Our people also have professional passions and expertise and we take the time to match your needs with our best brains. If farming is your world, or retail, or the culture of business itself, we have people who you will enjoy meeting and sharing your passions with. Whether you are looking to conquer the world or ensure that your business is operating as well as it can, our team will work with you to look hard at the options and highlight those areas where you can gain additional leverage. We will also go hunting for opportunities and ideas through our local and international networks and we will present you with fresh thinking and clarity.